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Discover the amazing effects of Bikram Hot Yoga on your body.

This unique series of 26 poses is practiced for 90 minutes

in a room at 40°C and 40% humidity.



... was founded in 2004 by Stefan Tanner as the first studio in Switzerland and the fourth in Europe.

In the meantime, a professional team of around

15 part-time employees has grown. Our yogis are looked after with great commitment and passion.

The good mix of experienced and young teachers,

who have been personally certified by Bikram Choudhury,

is very much appreciated by our customers.


3 classes in 30 days

our offer for new Yogis

Yoga mat included

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This proven yoga practice is loved by

thousands of students around the world.

It is the perfect balance to our modern, stressful lifestyle.

Already in the first hour some students have a

life-changing experience.

Since every Bikram Yoga class is taught in exactly the same way,

you can immediately feel how your body changes from time to time.

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1 visit per week

keeps you fit

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Newsletter August 2022

Dear Yogis,
Thank you for your generous support.
Thanks to your help we have reached almost half of the needed donation amount.

The rest of the way Bikram Yoga Zurich can reach with a special offer.
Whoever buys a yearly membership at our FrontDesk until August 27,
will get 3 months of yoga for FREE.
For the price of 1950.- you get 15 instead of 12 months !
This offer is limited to 25 subscriptions - so hurry up!
Not cumulative with other discounts & promotions.
Great prizes donated by yogis for yogis will be raffled among the buyers:
10 professional full body massages
5 professional simple tax returns for private persons from the fiduciary office
1 private lesson with Ana
1 private lesson with Timo
Raffle on August 27th after the 17:30 yoga class

PNG August Aktion 2022.png

Newsletter July 2022 – English

Yoga industry is suffering from Long Covid

Dear Yogis,

Thank you very much for the many generous donations!
With the total donation of 30'000 Swiss Francs we have reached 33% of our goal. So far, about 20% of our yogis have donated.

Thanks to you, we were able to meet our financial obligations at the end of June.
But now the end of July is just around the corner and the next tranche of 30'000.- is urgently needed.

If you care for Bikram Yoga Zurich and you would miss our studio, then this is the time to help us with a donation.

A donation of 100.- per active yogi ensures our survival.
As we are aware that we are not the only ones in a difficult situation, we can well understand if someone cannot support us financially.
The reason for our financial struggle is on the one hand the restrictions imposed on us by the state during the Corona pandemic, on the other hand, we have - especially in this difficult time - continued to be accommodating with our yogis and have extended your memberships up to three times due to various Corona reasons.

A few yogis have donated us this time, for which we would like to thank you once again.
We have waived the processing fee of 50.- which we are entitled to according to the terms and conditions.

If we had done this, we would not be in this financial situation, so we believe that a donation of 100.- per active yogi is a fair deal.

Now we are dependent on your help and call on you to ensure our survival with a donation.

Only in this way can we continue to be a place of well-being and health for you.
Together with your help we can do it, but it needs ALL, really ALL of you to do it.


We are not alone, the Tagesanzeiger has taken up our topic.

TagesAnzeiger Deutsch LongCovid Yoga.jpg

Tagesanzeiger 13th July 2022 – page 21

They ask for donations or dismiss their employees

Fight for survival

Zurich yoga entrepreneurs report a never-ending low.

The association receives many cries for help. Corona is not over for them.


Yoga industry is suffering from Long Covid.

For example, 18 years ago, Stefan Tanner founded the Bikram Yoga studio in Kreis 4. Whether he brings it through the nineteenth summer, he does not know until today. There is a lack of money. "We need at least 90,000 francs to cover outstanding bills." In addition, the repayment of a government Covid loan of 72,000 francs is pressing. The debts piling up are the result of two years of Corona restrictions, says Stefan Tanner. " Before that, we never had any problems." Because Tanner was at a loss, he started crowdfunding. After a good two weeks, around 30,000 francs have been raised. The situation is similar to Tanner's for other Zurich yoga studios that have been approached. They report a low that won't quit - even though Covid rules have been off the books for almost half a year. They don't have nearly as many customers as before the pandemic, several operators report. And their financial reserves have been depleted, they say. Roland Haag, president of the Swiss Yoga Association, confirms this finding: "We are receiving significantly more calls for help. Many yoga teachers write me that they are quitting or taking early retirement."


No more midday lessons

Corona has changed people's habits, says Isabelle Stüssi, who runs a yoga studio in Binz. "Some got used to the numerous cheap online offers during the pandemic." Many of her clients also worked in the office less often, she adds. Stüssi's lessons over lunch all remain canceled. Interest is too low. Before the pandemic, people were more structured, observes Angela Blank, operator of a yoga studio in Zurich's Oberstrass district. Most customers would have attended the same lesson on the same day every week. "Now they come sometime - or not at all," Blank says. For many, a new routine has apparently not yet settled in. The virus also continues to affect. Customers still fall ill or do yoga at home for fear of infection, says Angela Blank. Others boycotted studios that implemented federal regulations during the pandemic. After his appeal for donations, Stefan Tanner of Bikram Yoga received about a dozen poisonous e-mails from opponents of the measures. Of all people, he, who had "excluded" people, now wanted money from them, they said.


Too seasonal for hardship funds

Tanner locates the problem primarily in politics. With the last round of hardship payments for the time being, the state compensates companies for pandemic-related downtime in January and February 2022. In order to benefit, companies had to collect less money in these months than they needed for their fixed costs. This was not the case for Stefan Tanner. In January, he had earned 40,000 francs, which is barely enough for rent, wages, heating and insurance. That's why he doesn't get any money from the state. The problem is: In order to survive, Tanner needs income of about 90,000 francs per month in winter, as a stock for the summer. Yoga is a seasonal activity. When it's hot outside, far fewer people attend the lessons. For Tanner, revenue shrinks to about 30,000 francs in the summer, he says. "The hardship rule didn't account for fluctuations like that." During the two Corona years, yoga studio business had slumped. Last winter, the 3-G rule first applied, later 2-G plus. "Among yoga practitioners, there are relatively many who refuse vaccination," says Stefan Tanner. Others, however, would still not have felt safe. "In the end, only a third showed up." Until the end of February, when the measures fell, Tanner froze the memberships of all absentees, often for five months. "We were obligated to do that." As a result, renewals of yearly membershipps were delayed. Partly because of that, he says, much less money came in after the reopening.


Strict restrictions

High rents also trouble many yoga entrepreneurs, such as Evrim Helva. She owns a large yoga studio in Schlieren. Last spring, she conducted a crowdfunding campaign. With success. "Otherwise, my business would no longer exist today." But this summer also threatened to be difficult again. Helva hoped for support from the house owner, a major bank, which she asked for a further reduction in rent until the end of the year. "Unfortunately, I received a refusal," she said. "We complied with the law and are being punished for it." Stefan Tanner, Bikram Yoga Overall, the industry feels unfairly treated. Many of the Corona restrictions have been unnecessarily strict, says Roland Haag of the Yoga Association. And the hardship regulations often didn't fit the needs of the studios, he says.


Stefan Tanner says, "We complied with the law and are being punished for it."

The association has no figures on how many yoga studios have had to close recently. According to the Handelsamtsblatt, however, fewer than ten yoga studios have gone bankrupt in Zurich in the last two years. That, in turn, does not have to mean much, the industry says. There are many strategies for survival. Isabelle Stüssi, for example, almost gave up her yoga studio in Binz last summer. Instead, she switched to a "one-rent" system. She fired her employees, and now rents out her studio to them for their own yoga lessons. "That way, I have a lot less fixed costs." Angela Blank, in turn, is increasingly working jobs in other fields to earn money alongside yoga. "Like me, a lot of people kind of scrape by," she says. It's not only at Stefan Tanner's Bikram Yoga that the next few months will decide its existence. The operator of a larger Zurich yoga studio, who prefers to keep his struggles to himself, says: "The only hope remains a rainy summer and an early start to fall."




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